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Week Days: 07:00 – 17:00 · Saturday: 08:00 – 18:00 · Sunday: CLOSED

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Teacher Training

We share our passion for yoga with everyone, any shape, size, age, and status. Anyone can do it.

Learn how to be a yoga teacher

We have created a program that will get you ready to teach creative, and transformative yoga classes. Our training is led by professionals who will prepare you to work in a yoga studio and traditional fitness.


200-Hour Cross-Disciplinary Training

Our training is a 200-hour course with our world class teachers. You will get exposure to the most important ideas to inspire your teaching and practices.

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Experienced Faculty

Our experienced and passionate faculty draw on diverse yoga traditions and actively teach in the yoga community.

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Unparalleled Support

Our training experience has the option for personal development coaching that will help develop your talents and tap into your potential, as well as facilitate your employability. 

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200-Hour Study Program

This comprehensive course combines practice application and study. Students will have the opportunity to learn the material through a hands on approach.

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